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FAQs - PatternSurfer


PatternSurfer is an automated chart pattern recognition software, delivering the highest-quality chart patterns using the power of AI-based algorithms.

For a technical trader, PatternSurfer does all the work of finding the patterns, identifying all the coordinates, ratios and spans. It searches for potential trade opportunities across multiple time frames, for top stocks in multiple markets: the NYSE, NASDAQ, leading global currency pairs and cryptocurrency, and top commodities.

The tool scans the entire market, leaving the trader with only the job of deciding which patterns to enter!

Avoid the common pitfall of overtrading – PatternSurfer also aims to deliver only the highest quality patterns and make your decisions as simple as possible, meaning you receive fewer patterns in the dashboard and will never be bombarded with the hassle of a multitude of signals.

Absolutely! PatternSurfer is suitable for novice traders. PatternSurfer is primarily an automated pattern recognition tool, but the simple-to-use interface makes it easy for new pattern traders to enter the field too.

However, mastering the art of trading involves a steep learning curve, as trading skills are built only through experience and disciplined practice. Trading is about more than knowing price direction, the hardest aspect of being a trader or investor is mastery over trading psychology and risk management.

PatternSurfer takes away the burden of finding patterns, invalidation levels and potential profit-taking levels with our Trading Templates, helping you to focus on the skill of trading successfully.

For a newbie to trading, it may take a considerable amount of time and practice to become a successful trader/investor. PatternSurfer advocates initially choosing one or two patterns and mastering them, to get to grips with pattern behaviour and build a trading plan featuring position sizing, risk management and trading psychology.

In PatternSurfer, the following details are given for each pattern:

SYMBOL: the stock symbol/ticker as traded on NYSE/NASDAQ, or relevant exchange.

TYPE: can be “Completed” – signifying the pattern has been completed, or “Approaching”, if the pattern is approaching its Ideal Completion Price. For Geometric Patterns, there are also “Break” variants, for when the price is identified to have broken the pattern’s trend line, for example ‘Bullish Pennant Break’, etc.

PATTERN: this is the name of the pattern identified, e.g. Gartley, Butterfly, Wolfe Wave, Flag, Rectangle, Pennant, etc. Directional patterns will be indicated with the words “Bullish” or “Bearish” and coloured in green or red correspondingly. You can find information on each of the Patterns here.


IDEAL: The Ideal Completion Price of the pattern according to the specified ratios (see documentation for more..)

ACTUAL: The Actual Completion Price is the latest price at which the pattern has been completed. This may have reached (Completed) or be approaching the Ideal price (see documentation for more..)

ACTUAL COMP. TIME: The time at which the pattern has been completed (or has reached an approaching level).

SPAN: The Formation Span of the pattern is the number of trading days between the start time and the pattern completion time. The span can be used to categorise the time for which the potential move can be valid (short-term, positional, etc.) as per the trader’s analysis.

MULTIPLE SIGNALS: To alert the trader that multiple patterns have arrived for a specific ticker at the same time.

Further information, such as Symbol description, Exchange (for Crypto, FX, etc) Pattern Leg Ratios, Pattern Coordinate Prices and Times, and Chart Time Intervals can be found by clicking the (+) icon on the row, for details on each point of the pattern.

Clicking the expand (+) button next to each row or the Chart icon on the left side will trigger the trading template for the pattern. A chart, along with the coordinates of the pattern, will be plotted. The trading template will provide a guide using relevant Fibonacci levels for the pattern, which traders can use as a guide to plan ideal entry positions, profit-taking levels and stop-loss limits.

Note: PatternSurfer does not provide real-time charting software. Charts provided are for the purpose of diagrammatically representing the identified patterns.

The trading template chart will be updated according to the time interval of the pattern, and this update can be triggered by clicking the row or the icons in the table as described above.

PatternSurfer aims to bring you only the highest quality chart patterns; however, there is no holy grail to trading.

Maintaining a good risk-reward ratio is the key to successful pattern trading. Ensuring adherence to strict stop-loss levels will allow traders to build the most profitable trading strategies.

PatternSurfer highly recommends traders to pick a few pattern types to begin trading initially, and truly master the process of trading them.

Highly experienced chart pattern traders will be confident and able to trade multiple signals per day, but traders using chart patterns for the first time should limit themselves to placing only 1-2 trades per day.

The pattern span is the number of days taken for the pattern to form, from the start date to the completion date. Traders can make estimates for the best exit points from looking at the span.

Higher span patterns (patterns formed over multiple weeks and months) make for longer positional trades, while lower span patterns can be held as shorter intra-day positions or for 1-1.5 days, etc.

You can view all the dates and prices which formed the coordinates of the pattern by clicking the plus (+) icon on the table next to a pattern row.

PatternSurfer automatically stops displaying active patterns from the dashboard after the price of the stock or instrument has moved significantly away from the pattern completion price. This happens for both successful as well as invalidated patterns.
We do this to avoid confusing traders on which patterns are still valid for entry – since the trader will not benefit entering a trade after the price has already moved in the expected direction by a significant amount.
All patterns which have arrived on the current day but are no longer active will be available to view as grey-shaded rows to indicate the 1-day history.

To view a longer history of patterns, traders can make use of the View History option in the dashboard, where each pattern from the last 3 trading days can be viewed, along with their trading templates and progress.

The View History option is not automatically refreshed, and is differentiated from the active View Patterns option by a grey colour scheme for the table.

PatternSurfer is continually expanding the scope of pattern searches, across multiple global markets.

Users can refer to our existing ticker lists for their desired markets, and make a request here if they wish to request a specific ticker symbol, which can be added (in accordance with data availability).

What’s more, you can also leave your requests or express interest for a new market here, and based on sufficient demand for any particular market, PatternSurfer can launch into operation based on our customer’s requirements.

If you are an enterprise or multi-member team looking for a specific, tailored instance of the pattern scanning tool, or custom market-scanning architecture, contact the PatternSurfer team here.

No, PatternSurfer does not provide investment advisory services.

PatternSurfer is a chart pattern recognition software, scanning the markets in real-time and alerting the user of arriving patterns.

While we ensure that the patterns found are of the highest-quality and with the best possible probability of success, any trading decisions are made are at the trader’s discretion.

PatternSurfer does not assume any liability for the outcome of trading decisions.

Corporate private networks often restrict external content access from devices. If you are accessing PatternSurfer on a company-issued device, you may face technical issues in viewing dashboard content.


Try disconnecting from your shared/private network or accessing from a personal device or mobile phone.