PatternSurfer- The Ultimate Pattern Recognition Tool for Financial Markets

Discover Harmonic Patterns, Geometric Patterns, Wolfe Waves, and More…

Searching for a tool which delivers only the highest quality chart patterns with inbuilt high risk-reward, to make your trading decisions simpler? PatternSurfer brings you the finest automated chart pattern platform across global stocks, forex, and crypto markets

PatternSurfer - The Ultimate
Chart Pattern Recognition Tool

PatternSurfer is the ultimate chart pattern recognition tool for financial markets.

Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, PatternSurfer delivers only the highest quality chart patterns with inbuilt excellent risk-reward, to make your trading decisions simpler.

With unique features catering for technical traders’ needs, PatternSurfer scans the global markets for a wide range of patterns in the Harmonic Pattern, Wolfe Wave, and Geometric Pattern families.

PatternSurfer is the ideal companion to your trading business, providing an edge through automated pattern scans, and aiding analysis to bring objectivity and precision to your trades

AI-Powered Automated Pattern Scanning for :

Why Traders Love PatternSurfer

Highest - Quality

Only the highest quality patterns are generated and curated using PatternSurfer’s machine learning algorithms, with higher probabilities of success and an in-built excellent risk-reward ratio.

Trading Templates

PatternSurfer’s View Patterns Dashboard is built to be minimal, clean and de-cluttered, and features a Trading Template for each identified pattern, including Fibonacci levels, potential targets and pattern invalidation levels.

Simplified Decisions and Fewer Signals

PatternSurfer generates 75% fewer signals for a focused approach to trading – avoiding confusion from being bombarded by hundreds of auto-generated signals from other technical platforms: with the added benefit of reducing overtrading.

Early Identification of Patterns

Heads-up! PatternSurfer scans unfolding patterns before they reach completion – allowing traders to take their time and analyse each potential trade before making a decision.

Access to Global Markets, Anytime, Anywhere

PatternSurfer’s coverage of worldwide markets, from forex – to crypto – to global equities, provides traders with the scope to reap the benefits of multiple markets. No download necessary – access patterns anytime, anywhere from your browser with our fully-automated, cloud based platform.

PatternSurfer - Global Markets

Leverage PatternSurfer’s global reach to your advantage – across top US stocks traded on the NASDAQ and NYSE, major Forex pairs (EUR/USD, USD/JPY etc.), top Cryptos –  Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and more, Commodities such as Oil, Gold, Silver etc., top Global Indices including SPX500,  DOW,  FTSE, CAC, and regional markets – NIFTY and NSE India stocks.

PatternSurfer is available globally across the following markets

New York



Forex &



CME - Commodities









PatternSurfer for US Markets (NASDAQ, NYSE), FOREX, Cryptocurrency and Metals



PatternSurfer scans the markets for chart patterns across Harmonic patterns, Geometric patterns, Wolfe Waves and trendlines.

The tool’s dashboard provides you with an interface where you can view all currently identified patterns in a table, along with all of the details of the identified patterns.

PatternSurfer also plots the identified patterns in the dashboard for you to visualise the pattern as it looks upon arrival.

Take a look at articles from our blog to get started with examples of patterns found by PatternSurfer’s algorithms.

PatternSurfer is an automated chart pattern recognition software, delivering the highest-quality chart patterns using the power of AI-based algorithms.

For a technical trader, PatternSurfer does all the work of finding the patterns, identifying all the coordinates, ratios and spans. It searches for potential trade opportunities across multiple time frames, and multiple global markets.

The tool scans the entire market, leaving the trader with only the job of deciding which patterns to enter!

Avoid the common pitfall of overtrading – PatternSurfer also aims to deliver only the highest quality patterns and make your decisions as simple as possible, meaning you receive fewer patterns in the dashboard and will never be bombarded with the hassle of a multitude of signals.

Absolutely! PatternSurfer is suitable for novice traders. PatternSurfer is primarily an automated pattern recognition tool, but the simple-to-use interface makes it easy for new pattern traders to enter the field too.

However, mastering the art of trading involves a steep learning curve, as trading skills are built only through experience and disciplined practice. Trading is about more than knowing price direction, the hardest aspect of being a trader or investor is mastery over trading psychology and risk management.

PatternSurfer takes away the burden of finding patterns, invalidation levels and potential profit-taking levels with our Trading Templates, helping you to focus on the skill of trading successfully.

For a newbie to trading, it may take a considerable amount of time and practice to become a successful trader/investor. PatternSurfer advocates initially choosing one or two patterns and mastering them, to get to grips with pattern behaviour and build a trading plan featuring position sizing, risk management and trading psychology.

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